About Varefakta

Varefakta is a self-governing institution, founded in 1957. Varefakta is a unique labelling system. To us, it is a matter of honour to deliver precise and statutory information, and subsequently ensure continued compliance.  

At Varefakta, we solely conduct regulatory work, meaning that all information on a product has to comply with the applicable legislation.

Varefakta always ensures:

  • Thorough review of national and international legislation, regulations, directives and guidelines
  • Proofreading
  • Correct declaration of statutory information
  • Good dialogue with customers. We inform about possible issues and offer concrete suggested solutions
  • Correct claims and consumer safety as to misrepresentations
  • High work integrity – Varefakta handles all information with confidentiality

Quality assurance: Varefakta always conducts professional control of all work tasks prior to delivery to customers. This practically means that several consultants will review the case, before it is finalised and delivered to the customer. This ensures the highest work quality.