Example of a VAREFAKTA declaration on food

Product name
Net weight details
Complete list of

Specification of allergenes

Nutritive values 




Details of “best before date” and e.g. processing or packaging date

Name and address of the manufacturer or distributor in Denmark
Varefakta article number
The information in VAREFAKTA is based on Varefakta’s regulations and on the following:

  • The information submitted by the manufacturer about the composition of the product as stated on the Varefakta specification form, with data sheets and analysis reports attached.
  • Varefakta subsequently compiles the VAREFAKTA information on the basis of the information submitted by the manufacturer, so that as a minimum it complies with applicable Danish legislation.
  • The manufacturer’s information about the product is checked regularly by random sampling, in which results of analyses are compared with the information in the VAREFAKTA declaration.