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The authorization to use Varefakta  is given under a subscription scheme. The price is per product labelled with Varefakta.

Subscription prices 2017 – excl. VAT
Number 1-10 labelled with Varefakta DKK 1.049,-
Number 11 and up labelled with Varefakta DKK    786,-

The subscription is valid for one year at a time from the effective date of the first labelling authorization.
Products labelled within the subscription period will be invoiced with a 50 % discount.

Subscription for products labelled within the subscription period – excl. VAT
Number 1-10 labelled with Varefakta DKK  525,-
Number 11 and up labelled with Varefakta DKK  393,-

The price includes a marketing contribution of about one sixth of the subscription fee.
Subscription for existing informative labels is paid a year in advance.

Any hours will be paid as per account rendered. The hour rate is DKK 1.273,- for consultancy hours (preparation of labelling, organization and review of testing, etc.). The number of hours will be registered from the moment the cooperation starts.

Expenses regarding analysis and/or testing in connection with approval and sampling will be paid directly to the laboratory as per account rendered.
Any discount obtained by Varefakta is transferred to the customer.

We also offer general assistance on labelling and applicable law. Consultancy hours will be invoiced at the current consultancy fee.