About us

Varefakta ensures that labeling on consumer products is correct in accordance with current legislation and Varefakta’s own regulations. In this way, all consumers in Denmark can have equal access to uniform, recognizable and easy-to-understand Varefakta-labeled goods, where it is guaranteed that the labeling is correct.

The idea is to provide necessary, adequate and controlled information that is easy to compare, in order for consumers to be able to select the product that complies with needs, requirements and financial means.

Varefakta ensures that labeling on consumer products is correct

The Varefakta Foundation was founded on the 16th of September 2020. Before that, Varefakta was a self-governing institution, which was founded in 1957. Varefakta is a unique labeling corporation that takes pride in providing accurate and statutory product declarations and subsequently check that the declaration holds what it promises.

Varefakta focus on consumer safety, including the retail trade’s need for legally correct labeling in relation to an often complicated set of rules. This work is carried out for a wide range of customers by manufacturers, suppliers and in the retail trade in Denmark and abroad.

The declarations are prepared on the basis of technical specifications and test reports in accordance with the legislation and Varefakta’s own requirements in the field. In Varefakta we only work in a regulatory manner. This means that all information provided on a product also complies with the law. 

We are 15 employees at Varefakta.

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Safe shopping

Varefakta always secures:

  • thorough review of national and international legislation, executive orders, directives and guidelines
  • proofreading
  • correct indication of mandatory information
  • good dialogue with our customers.
  • high integrity in the work – Varefakta work confidentially with all information
  • quality assurance: Varefakta always carries out a professional check on all work tasks before they are handed over to our customers. In practice, this means that there are always several consultants who have reviewed the case before IT is completed and handed over to our customer. This is to ensure the highest quality in our work.