Sustainable Development Goals


The sustainable development goals (SDGs) constitute an ambitious global development agenda which aims to set a more sustainable development course by 2030, both in terms of human development and for our planet. 

The UN sustainable development goals consist of 17 concrete goals and 169 targets, which commit the 193 UN member countries to eliminate global poverty and hunger, reduce inequalities, ensure quality education and improved health for all, decent work and more sustainable economic growth. The sustainable development goals also focus on promoting peace, security and institutional strengthening as well as reinforcing international partnerships.

In Varefakta, we help our clients (from the grocery sector) ensure and document that they work actively to reach sustainable development goal no. 12 concerning “responsible consumption and production”.

Varefakta provides client support in this area by ensuring compliance with all applicable legal requirements. Varefakta can also help collect data about the composition of packaging for consumer products to ensure appropriate waste management of packaging subsequently.

It requires a solid national framework to meet SDG12 for the integration of sustainable consumption and production into national and sector policy plans, sustainable business practice and consumer behaviour as well as compliance with international standards for safe handling of dangerous chemicals and hazardous waste management.


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