Varefakta ensures that labelling on consumer products is correct!

there are


Varefakta-labeled products in the danish convenience stores.

more than


years of experience …

more than


consultants controlling that the declarations meet the set requirements.

Varefakta ensures that labeling on consumer products is correct

Varefakta labels a broad category of consumer products. Everything from pre-packaged foods, pet food, dietary supplements and food contact materials to daily nonfood products, cosmetics, pacifiers, baby carriage harnesses and candles. Read more about Varefaktas services by clicking below.


Dietary supplements labelling

Petfood labelling

Daily nonfood labelling

Labelling of biycle locks

Labelling of children´s products

Varefakta always secures

  • thorough review of national and international legislation, executive orders, directives and guidelines
  • proofreading
  • correct indication of mandatory information
  • good dialogue with our customers.
  • high integrity in the work – Varefakta work confidentially with all information
  • quality assurance: Varefakta always carries out a professional check on all work tasks before they are handed over to our customers. In practice, this means that there are always several consultants who have reviewed the case before IT is completed and handed over to our customer. This is to ensure the highest quality in our work.