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We are specialists in the legislation governing nonfood consumer goods, such as CLP, the Detergent Regulation, Cosmetics Regulation (Law on Chemicals), as well as the legislation concerning food contact materials. 

Varefakta offers

Pack Copy

A pack copy is prepared based on a completed specification form and/or datasheets from the customer.

When preparing declarations, Varefakta prepares the correct indication of the mandatory labeling information on the food in accordance with current legislation in the country of marketing.

Label check

A label check is a review of a label. Varefakta checks that all mandatory labeling information is correctly listed in accordance with applicable EU and national law.

In addition, we check that all voluntary information such as marketing text, claims, pictures, illustrations, and the like is listed in accordance with food legislation.

Regulatory translation

A regulatory translation is a translation of mandatory labeling text, based on the material submitted by the customer, into the official language of the country of marketing, considering statutory wording and requirements.

Pack copy with Varefakta-logo

Pack copies marked with Varefakta are products declared with Varefakta’s logo and “Controlled by Varefakta” and declared in accordance with Varefakta requirements.

The purpose of this service is to ensure that a product in question can be marketed and sold in accordance with applicable national legislation as well as EU legislation and at the same time live up to Varefakta’s requirements.

Random control

Random control is a core service in Varefakta’ s concept. The purpose of the inspection is to show whether the minimum requirements for the product have been met and whether there is consistency between the information in the declaration and the product.

Product test

Varefakta offers testing of products in accordance with current standards.


Varefakta offers i.a. counselling regarding:

  • Claims.
  • Translation of safety data sheets.
  • Mandatory requirements for product types.
  • Voluntary markings.
  • Food contact materials.
  • Hazard labeling.

Standard terms and conditions for services with "Varefakta logo"

Standard terms and conditions for services without "Varefakta logo"

Varefakta´s labeling consultants are experts in legislation and labeling

We are specialists in the legislation governing nonfood consumer goods, such as CLP, the Detergent Regulation, Cosmetics Regulation (Law on Chemicals), as well as the legislation concerning food contact materials. We further offer our assistance to ensure correct documentation as to compliance with other labelling systems, assessment of claims and obtain information about packaging compositions. Varefakta works with all types of nonfood consumer goods, such as washing and cleaning agents, personal care products, household items, comforters, diapers etc. We ensure that all statutory documentation is at hand before preparing the labelling. Goods with Varefakta logo are often subject to requirements that exceed the applicable legislation. These goods are periodically subject to random checks, in order to ensure correct product labelling. We conduct tests in our private laboratory, for instance as to the absorption of sanitary towels, pH value of cat litter and we further count, measure and weigh all types of nonfood products. The laboratory is consumer-directed and not accredited.


From idea to final packaging

Varefakta handles the labelling work for small manufacturers, entrepreneurs and large grocery stores. We ensure high quality by having minimum two consultants check the quality of the work, before it is delivered to the customer. Easy for companies and safe for consumers.

Varefakta ensures precise and statutory information

Varefakta ensures that the packaging of our customers has no missing information or misrepresentations, and that both retailers and the manufacturer comply with the legislation.


As manufacturer or retailer of a given product, you can communicate that Varefakta has controlled your goods as an independent third party, indicating that your product complies with the applicable legislation and that consumers can safely purchase your product. 


Do you need counseling, a label check or a regulatory translation? Please feel free to contact us.