Label check

A label check is a review of a food label. Varefakta’s consultants check that all mandatory labeling information is correctly stated in accordance with applicable EU and national legislation.

Label check

Varefakta checks that all mandatory labeling information is correct in accordance with applicable EU and national legislation.

In addition, we check that all voluntary information such as marketing text, claims, pictures, illustrations, and the like is listed in accordance with food legislation.

In a label check, we check the following:

  • A lawful trade name that is consistent with the composition of the goods, and which is not misleading.
  • That compound ingredient is termed as they are fixed by custom.
  • Correct indication of origin(s) of primary ingredient(s) when required.
  • Ensuring correct indication of allergens, considering any customer-specific requirements.
  • Properly set up nutrition declaration as well as ensure the correct use of statutory designations.
  • For misleading illustrations, information, storytelling as well as quality and content claims
  • The use of nutrition and health claims, including that the product complies with criteria for use and design of the claims.



The following additional services are not included in the time estimate for the primary task. If the customer wants one of the following services, the time estimate for the service must be agreed upon separately and added to the estimated estimate for the primary task:

  • The label is compared with information from a specification form and/or datasheet(s). Time estimate: Agreed specifically for the product in question.
  • Energy calculation.
  • Check if food additives are allowed in the product in question.
  • Check of enrichment permits (is the enrichment allowed in the food in question and information about any notification or notification to the food authorities).

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