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There are 3 overall categories of bicycle locks: key lock, combination lock and code lock (read more here).

Each category can be divided into multiple types of bicycle locks, e.g.: ring locks, U-locks and chain locks (read more here).

It is important that you use an approved bicycle lock. most Danish insurance companies pays compensation for a bicycle that has been stolen if it was locked with a correctly mounted lock approved by Varefakta.

Remember to fill out the Lock Certificate and get a retailer stamp and date on it.

When you purchase an approved lock by a Danish retalier, a Varefakta Lock Certificate (Låsebevis) will be included. The Lock Certificate is to be used if your bike is stolen, which is why you must remember to fill it out with the correct information.

The Lock Certificate also contains the following information regarding your bicycle lock:

  • The lock’s name and VK-number (Varefaktas Control Number).
  • The lock category, e.g. “key lock”.
  • The lock type, e.g. “U-lock”, “chain lock”, etc.
  • Whether the lock can or must be mounted on the frame.
  • Where the lock should be mounted if it is meant for permanent mounting, as well as what tools to use. 
  • How “loose” locks are used correctly. 

When you purchase a lock, you should consider:

  • If you need a permanently mounted lock or not?
  • What requirements your insurance company has for a bicycle lock.
Young businesswoman locking up her bicycle at the rack before she goes into work.


Bicycle locks that are on the “List of approved bicycle locks” are locks approved by Varefaktas that you can purchase at your local bicycle lock retailer today. The Bicycle locks on the “list of previously approved bicycle locks” are locks that you can no longer purchase, as the production and distribution has ceased. 

Bicycle locks that are present on the “list of previously approved bicycle locks” are still insurance approved. 

Remember that you should have a Lock Certificate (Låsebevis) for your specific lock with the retailer’s stamp and the date of purchase if the insurance company is to pay compensation in case of bicycle theft. Otherwise ask your insurance company what their requirements are for bicycle locks. 

As a main rule, you must have a Lock Certificate (Låsebevis) with the retailer’s stamp for the insurance to cover a theft. 

You can purchase an approved lock online, however, you should be aware that it should be from a Danish retailer, as you will not receive a Lock Certificate (Låsebevis) if you purchase the lock from a non-Dansih retailer. 

Furthermore, there might be slight differences to the same lock whether you purchase it in Denmark or other countries (even within the EU), as the requirements might vary from country to country. 

Because it may vary what the various insurance companies require for bicycle locks, Varefaktas recommend that you contact your insurance company and ask them, whether it is possible to receive compensation if your bicycle lock is equipped with an abroad-purchased bicycle lock. 

Bicycle locks with the Varefakta label has been tested and approved by Varefakta based on Varefakta’s Requirements. Danish insurance companies usually require that you use a Varefakta approved bicycle lock, otherwise they can deny paying any compensation if your bicycle has been stolen. 

Varefakta recommend that you contact your insurance company when in doubt or if you have any insurance related questions. 

Varefakta is a voluntary label, which is why it is the bicycle lock manufacturers who decide whether they want a bicycle lock approved by Varefakta. It is therefore not all bicycle locks on the market that are tested and approved by Varefakta. If a specific lock is wished to be approved by Varefakta, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer directly. 

Varefakta have recently published the new Varefakta Requirements regarding bicycle locks which also include electronic locks, you can find them here

It is now possible for manufacturers to forward their electronic locks to Varefakta for approval.

It is expected that it will take approximately 6 months to get an electronic bicycle lock approved by Varefakta, why it is expected that the first Varefakta appoved electronic locks will be present on the market during 2021. 

If you, as a manufacturer or supplier, is interested in getting a bicycle lock approved, Varefakta can be contacted by phone on +45 46 30 45 00 or by e-mail