Product overview



Subscription group 1

All of pre-packaged foods


Subscription group 2

All of pre-packaged petfood


Subscription group 3

  • Children’s cots and folding cots
  • Cradles and cribs
  • Bicycle lamps
  • Bicyclelocks
  • High chairs
  • Pram safety harness
  • Smoke detectors
  • Junior and adult beds

Subscription group 3

  • Prams and pushchairs and combinations


Subscription group 1

  • Food contact materials, such as aluminumfoil, baking- and greaseproof paper, plasic film, plastic and freezer bags, napkins, disposable dishes and cutlery, coffee and tea filters, cooking dishes, bowls.
  • Disposable nappies
  • Chemico-technical products
  • Sanitary tampons
  • Soothers for babies
  • Toilet paper and kitchen towel
  • Sanitary towel and panty liner
  • Children’s drinking equipment, cutlery and feeding utensils
  • Paper tablecloth and napkins
  • Cotton wool and cotton buds
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