Subscription group 1

Subscription group 1

The right to use Varefakta is signed as subscription and a unit rate is paid per good to be labelled.

Group 1 Subscription rates 2021 – ex. VAT

Labelling 1-10, rate per unit

154 EUR

Labelling no. 11 and up, rate per unit

115 EUR

The subscription runs for one year, from the date of the first labelling approval.
The subscription fee for existing labelling is annually charged in advance.

Time spent is paid as invoice monthly in arrears. 

Costs for analyses at laboratories for checks prior to labelling and subsequent random check are invoiced to the customer and paid directly to the laboratory without Varefakta’s interference.

General counselling about labelling and legislation is invoiced with the applicable hourly rate.

Red. 2020.12.18