Varefakta offers counselling as to labelling requirements for food, dietary supplements, pet food and non-food products.

The counselling includes:

  • Navigation within legislation and interpretation issues
  • Assessment of illustrations, sales descriptions and storytelling as to misrepresentations
  • Control of analysis reports and test reports
  • Control of compliance with limits for additives
  • Assessment of product safety and misrepresentations for non-food products
  • Calculation of shrinkage, list of ingredients, nutritional values etc. for food
  • Control of compliance with criteria for nutritional and health claims for food and pet food
  • Assessment of food contact materials
  • Control of danger labelling

Assessment of goods acc. to criteria for other labelling systems

  • Food: Keyhole Label, Whole Grain, organic, MSC, RSPO, Fairtrade, UTZ, gluten-free logo, Grovhetsmerket, Debio etc.
  • Non-food: Nordic Swan, EU Ecolabel, Asthma and Allergy Denmark, RSPO, Vegan, FSC etc.

Check of statutory information as to sales of goods in webshops and/or apps

  • Varefakta checks whether all statutory information is available to the consumer in the moment of purchase.
  • Checks can further be conducted on the basis of specification of the goods, submitted by the customer to Varefakta, enabling Varefakta to check for compliance between the specification, the physical product and available information in the webshop and/or app.

Counselling for restaurants, kiosks, bakeries, petrol stations etc. reg. mandatory information on counter sales

  • Varefakta offers counselling for companies with counter sales as to the statutory information, made available to consumers. Varefakta further offers assessment of menu cards, menu boards and misrepresentation. Varefakta can further offer counselling as to calorie labelling.

If you need sparring or general counselling about the labelling legislation, you can purchase a prepaid counselling subscription, or pay on case-by-case basis.

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