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Nonfood dagligvarer

We are specialists in the legislation governing nonfood consumer goods, such as CLP, the Detergent Regulation, Cosmetics Regulation (Law on Chemicals), as well as the legislation concerning food contact materials. We further offer our assistance to ensure correct documentation as to compliance with other labelling systems, assessment of claims and obtain information about packaging compositions. Varefakta works with all types of nonfood consumer goods, such as washing and cleaning agents, personal care products, household items, comforters, diapers etc. We ensure that all statutory documentation is at hand before preparing the labelling. Goods with Varefakta logo are often subject to requirements that exceed the applicable legislation. These goods are periodically subject to random checks, in order to ensure correct product labelling. We conduct tests in our private laboratory, for instance as to the absorption of sanitary towels, pH value of cat litter and we further count, measure and weigh all types of nonfood products. The laboratory is consumer-directed and not accredited. Read more about Varefakta’s services here.

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