Varedeklarationer - kaffe


Varefakta ensures, that the goods in question with a specific declaration are marketed and sold in accordance with the applicable national and EU legislation.

The declaration work includes:

  • Control of requirements for labelling systems such as Organic Label, Keyhole Label, Whole Grain, Nordic Swan, Asthma and Allergy Denmark etc.
  • Assessment of product name and product description
  • Assessment of claims, including when something is allowed to be called ”healthy” and ”rich in [..]” etc.
  • Calculations of energy and ingredients

Before Varefakta proceeds with this task, the customer must fill in the applicable specification form.  Please contact Varefakta for a password. The specification form, as well as other required documentation, stated in the specification form, must be submitted to Varefakta at the customer’s own account.

Modtager du vores nyhedsbrev?

Sommertid betyder ferietid, der kan derfor forekomme forlænget svartid på henvendelser til Varefakta i perioden fra man. d. 13 juli til og med fre. d. 31 juli. Telefonerne vil være åbne fra kl. 09.00-15.00. I denne periode kan man forvente en leveringstid på op til 20 arbejdsdage. 

Due to summer holidays there will likely be a delay in responses from Varefakta from Monday the 13th of July to Friday the 31st of July. Opening hours on the phones will be from 09am til 03pm. Durring this time expect a extended delivery time up to 20 days.