Labeling with Varefakta-logo

Deklaration med Varefakta-logo

VAREFAKTA refers to goods, labelled with Varefakta’s logo and ”Controlled by Varefakta” as well as declaration in accordance with Varefakta requirements, as specified in the regulations.

The overall objective of this service is to ensure that the goods in question with a specific declaration are marketed and sold in accordance with the applicable national and EU legislation.
Before Varefakta proceeds with this task, the customer must fill in the applicable specification form.  Please contact Varefakta for a password. The specification form, as well as other required documentation, stated in the specification form, must be submitted to Varefakta at the customer’s own account.

Varefakta must approve the correction prior to printing of the packaging.

Varefakta nonfood - presse
Varefakta test - presse

Random checks on goods with Varefakta logo

Varefakta is entitled to conduct random checks on goods, labelled with VAREFAKTA once a year in the private laboratory, external laboratories or in a test institute at the choice of Varefakta, in order to ensure compliance with the declaration of the goods.

The random check includes:

  • Accredited analyses for verification of declared nutritional values. The values are verified cf. EU’s defined, approved tolerances.
  • Accredited control of net weight and poss. quantity in the package.
  • Control that the information on the package corresponds to the newest declaration, for instance after updating.
  • Varefakta handles the dialogue with the manufacturer/supplier in case of deviations, and obtains documentation for corrections of deviations if relevant.
  • The customer is informed, if random checks result in required updating.
  • Varefakta handles the dialogue with the manufacturer in case of deviations, and obtains documentation.

Random checks are conducted at the customer’s account, and may vary depending on product and the extent of analyses. See the rates for a Varefakta subscription here.