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Varefakta cooperates with both small and large companies


Rema 1000
Dansk Supermarked
Odder barnevogne
Circle K
Nemlig Com
Nordic Ecoclean
Haugen Gruppen A/S
DK International Care A/S
Fritz Schur Consumer Products A/S
Brauner A/S
Spis Tjæreborg leverpostej
Samsø Syltefabrik


“I am happy about the partnership between Varefakta and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, since the control conducted by Varefakta contributes to an improved focus on control at the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.”

Esben Lunde Larsen, Minister for Environment and Food of Denmark, March 2017

“Internal control may be good, but it has a better ring to it when we tell consumers that an external company controls our goods.”

Anders Jensen, Procurement and Marketing Director at REMA 1000, March 2017

“Varefakta has a great reputation in the industry, and I have talked to colleagues in other companies, who have spoken highly of Varefakta.”

Vibeke Bryhn-Hansen, Senior Quality Specialist at Circle K,
November 2016

“I have to admit that I had my doubts at the beginning, since Varefakta initially promised to deliver in both speed and high quality. However, today I have to say that Varefakta kept their promises all the way.”

Lars Kloster, International Project Manager at Dansk Supermarked, April 2016

“With Varefakta’s labelling, our customers can safely purchase our private label products.”

Stefan Plenge, CEO at nemlig.com,
April 2016

“Our partnership with Varefakta is positive and important. Labelling can be quite difficult and we regard Varefakta to be a safe third body with the competence to ensure that all rules are followed. In Norway, we have many discussions about honest and correct labelling. The industry has taken punches for not supplying correct information, so we feel completely safe with Varefakta. At Varefakta, they are further great at customising solutions to make them fit individual situations.”

Elisabeth Kildal Engesgaar,
Quality Manager at REMA 1000, Norway

“We are 100 percent satisfied. We handle products within food and nonfood, and have different contact persons, but no matter who we get in touch with, we always get a clear and competent answer. We have several foreign partners, so we are extra happy that we can get the answers in English, German, Danish and even Dutch if we need it. Recently, we had a product launch that required a new danger label, label and eco label. The legislation can be very complicated, so it is important that we stick 100% to it, and since we also have to offer the consumers the required and correct information, Varefakta is our guarantee that we comply with these requirements. This way, we do all the necessary double checking and provide security. In some cases, an English description may sound smart and fancy, but it might not be in compliance with Danish legislation, so we get a reality check and review the text. We greatly recommend Varefakta to other companies; it is a 100 percent professional company.”

Marianne Bremer Sinkbæk
Bräuner A/S

“At Varefakta, I get more than normal service and even at a very fair price. Even though the questions can be quite complicated, for example about the Cosmetics Regulation, nothing is ever difficult. I always get quick, highly specialised and professional answers. I even feel that Varefakta is cutting-edge with development within my field and prepares me for changes in legislation in a timely manner. It’s simply great service for a small company like mine and for my 20-30 years in the business, I have never experienced such great customer service. Varefakta should hold courses for other companies on how to treat customers.”

Eva Apesland