Varefakta works to make all declarations and products live up to current legislation and Varefakta’s extra requirements.
Varefakta thus gives the consumer the opportunity to make an informed and safe choice when buying consumer products.

Varefakta creates security by:

  1. Provide the consumer with correct, easy-to-understand and sufficient information to be able to make a safe and informed choice.
  2. Develop Varefakta requirements where legislation is not sufficient in relation to good consumer information and safety for consumers.
  3. Check whether the declarations are correct and whether the contents correspond to the declaration while the item is being sold in the stores.

Our vision

That all consumers are adequately and correctly informed when buying consumer products. 

That all consumers have the opportunity to buy products that are controlled by a third party. 

That all consumers can safely use the goods they buy. 

That it is easy for the individual to make a safe choice of consumer products.

Our mission

Prepare product declarations that comply with the legislation and Varefakta’s requirements and subsequently perform control of these.

Our values

Varefakta is a safe and responsible company to work with and be employed in. We take good care of ourselves, support each other, support our customers’ business and develop in collaboration with our stakeholders.